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Investigation of Total Demand: 

The Selection of item groups in RFI

Structure and design the RFI

Send RFIs to local entities (cross-div and cross-country)

Collect and analyse RFIs

Define needed requirements

Decide which departments or sites to include

Supplier Market

Create long list of Suppliers

Selection shortlist of Suppliers in RFP

Develop Tender to Suppliers

Design RFP

Send RFPs to Suppliers

Suppliers visit on site in requested/ needed

Collect and analyze RFP

Supplier Selection

Supplier Selection


SLAs / KPIs definition

RFx Process


CRP strongly believes that eSourcing tools enable efficient and transparent sourcing processes. 


Our experts manage yearly many processes ranging from rather simple to extremely complex categories. 

    An advanced analysis of historic spend data is the backbone of any strategic sourcing solution. 


The professional preparation in the previous steps, enables us to execute a well defined RFx process.


In this process, our team supports clients with the follow; 

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