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Cost Reduction Projects

  • takes the necessary time to address these indirect spends, resulting in real savings;

  • has the know-how and experience to pinpoint cost drivers and optimize pricing

  • implements a long-term sourcing strategy, and coaches the internal purchasing team to adopt this strategic vision

  • helps the current purchasing teams in order to unlock these savings opportunities faster.​

CRP Consulting can analyze your company's non-core spenditures in order to benchmark suppliers and create transparency - resulting in savings through strategic supplier relationships with optimal terms.


Our experts have the time, resources and knowledge to increase your margins by securing real bottom-line savings that stick... year after year.


By applying expert data analysis, category expertise and previous experiences, CRP quickly identifies, validates, prioritises and realizes multiple savings opportunities that create an immediate impact on your business performance.

Indirect spend is often under sub-optimal control due to a lack of time, resources, and knowledge.


This is further emphasized by 'Maverick spending' and an increased natural economic gravity, e.g. less time-to-market, shortened life cycles and more and complexer items.


World-class cost leaders, however, outperform their competitors by focusing on the non-core spenditures and investing these savings in innovation and R&D.


    CRP helps

purchasing teams

to unlock savings opportunities







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