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Indirect spend is often under sub-optimal control due to a lack of time, resources, and knowledge.


This is further emphasized by 'Maverick spending' and an increased natural economic gravity, e.g. less time-to-market, shortened life cycles and more and complexer items.


World-class cost leaders, however, outperform their competitors by focusing on the non-core spenditures and investing these savings in innovation and R&D.

Our experts execute Purchasing Scans on both the Direct and Indirect Spenditures. This overall scan results in a detailed Cost Reduction Roadmap defining multiple projects, the different stakeholders, timelines and deliverables.

Our unique Strategic Sourcing Tools enable us to professionally manage non-core processes and spend categories.


CRP Consulting creates value by:

  • realizing bottomline savings;

  • improving business processes;

  • optimizing demand management;

  • contract management; 

  • vendor management.




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