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Besides projects, CRP helps its customers by offering 4 Purchasing Modules.


These modules enable the participants to acquire new techniques, tools and skills in the broad domain of Purchasing. 


Module 1: The Purchasing House


Module 2: Strategic Sourcing


Module 3: Live Cases / Excel / Templates


Module 4: Supplier Relationship Mgmt



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The in-company training is oriented towards developing purchasing leaders. 


This on the job training is a "learning by doing" training since the participant will apply all theory from the academy to a practical project in a familiar context.


During this highly demanding in-company training, the attendees will have to submit a Strategic Project. The participant will identify and complete a full strategic sourcing project from their daily job - resulting in major savings for the company. 


It should be emphasized that participating this in-company training is highly demanding.


The success of the outcome is highly dependent on the contribution of the attendee. 


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General Training


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